About Rotorvox and the people behind

About us

Rotorvox is a young company which pursues the goal to lift up gyrocopters to a new level of quality, based on innovative development and manufacturing processes as well as high quality materials. The prototypes and the pre-series already impressed pilots and technical press equally. With the permanent goal in front to prepare our gyrocopter for serial production, we found in LINDIG the ideal partner.

The company which is rich in tradition and based in our home in Thuringia not only participates with a long-term view and proven know-how in management, but also allows us the benefits of synergies and economies of scale – from the IT infrastructure to purchase and logistics as well as sales.

Due to the expansion of LINDIG into the market of aviation, we can access a growing network of engineering and manufacturing.

Our vision

Elegance. Freedom. Thrill. Concentration. Mastery. Ease. Flying lets us capture and fathom the world in a new and remarkable perspective. And unlike any other aircraft, a gyrocopter provides an exceptionally holistic combination of all these elements of flight.

Our vision is to advance your flight experience one step beyond your imagination. Therefore, we have set ambitious goals for ourself to develop a gyrocopter with excellent design, functionality and quality.


„Our gyrocopters signify the clash of our enthusiasm for flight with our enthusiasm for German Engineering.“

Career at Rotorvox

There are no vacancies at the moment. Nevertheless, we are always looking for new experienced employees. We do not only want you to support us, but complement us, and become an essential puzzle piece of our success. Applicants with an affinity towards the aircraft and motorsports industry are very welcome.

If the above qualities describe you and you are interested in joining the Rotorvox team, please send us your application via eMail.