The Gyrocopter from Rotorvox

We bring together more than five years of development and flight testing with our gyrocopter. Created from scratch with innovative methods of development and manufacturing of the automotive motor sport, it not only sets standards in aerodynamics, materials and comfort.

Professional press and prospective buyers already got enthusiastic about our pre-series model because of its excellent design, the exquisite implementation and the outstanding flight characteristics. This reinforces and motivates us to aim for the very best further on. At the heart of this, we focus on higher comfort, e. g. with a control stick particularly low in vibrations. For that, we give our product the final touch to create an unparalleled flight experience for you.

Let us show you our mature stage of completion: Visit us, book a sightseeing flight, or complete your pilot training at your future Rotorvox already today.

Pilot Licence

For flying this kind of aircraft, you need a sport pilot licence for gyrocopters.

Pilot Training

You can complete the pilot training normally within 9 months.

Take-off & Landing

In Germany alone, there are about 700 airfields for your take-off and landing.


The Rotorvox operates with conventional premium grade gasoline.

What is a Gyrocopter?

A Gyrocopter – also known as an autogyro – is an aircraft that optically resembles a helicopter. Contrary to a helicopter, a gyrocopter also features a propeller that provides forward thrust. And unlike a helicopter, the gyrocopter‘s rotor is not engine-powered during flight, but merely passively powered by airstream that results from the forward propulsion. This is the so-called autorotation. Because of their lightweight and compact construction, gyrocopters are classified as Ultralight Aircrafts, which leads to considerable cost advantages of flight operations and also with regard to obtaining a flight license.

Funktionsprinzip Gyrocopter

What makes Rotorvox gyrocopters unique?

With our gyrocopters we want to combine the simplicity of flying with a first-class product. Even at first sight, our gyrocopter shows with its size and design not to be standard – as well as our clients. Therefore, our concept consists of  different components for creating an extraordinary aircraft – just for you.

Great Spaciousness

The generous dimensions allow for a spacious cockpit, easily accommodating two passengers seated next to each other.

Impressive All-Round Visibility

Window panes with 3,6m2, a freestanding cockpit and ergonomic tests allow for an impressive panoramic view.

Light Full Carbon Fiber Cabin

An extremely sturdy and lightweight cabin, manufactured from carbon fiber, provides passengers with safety standards comparable to those of a F1 race car.

Select Materials

We put great value on the usage of select materials and a great workmanship.

First-class Design

Our gyrocopter combines a modern design language with an high user-friendliness.

Outstanding Flight Characteristics

The excellent aerodynamics and the high inherent stability during flight of the Rotorvox ensure high comfort and a relaxed trip.


Take a seat in the generously spacious cockpit of our gyrocopter. You will immediately notice the impressively dimensioned window area and the suspended instrument panel. Inside and outside, the Rotorvox gyrocopter is something special.

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