Business Class Gyroplane Made in Germany DESIGNED FOR YOUR MISSION

The ROTORVOX – Business Class Gyrocopter

ROTORVOX revolutionizes the gyrocopter market and opens up completely new premium customer segments. As a technology leader, ROTORVOX gives its customers a previously unknown sense of safety, quality and comfort in their gyroplanes.

Pilot Licence

For flying this kind of aircraft, you need a sport pilot licence for gyroplanes.

Pilot Training

You can complete the pilot training normally within 9 months.

Take-off & Landing

In Germany alone, there are about 700 airfields for your take-off and landing.


The ROTORVOX operates with conventional premium grade gasoline.

What is a Gyroplane?

A Gyroplane – also known as an autogyro – is an aircraft that visually resembles a helicopter. Contrary to a helicopter, a gyroplane also features a propeller that provides forward thrust. Unlike a helicopter, the gyroplane‘s rotor is not engine-powered during flight, but merely passively powered by airstream that results from the forward propulsion.

This is the so-called autorotation. Because of their lightweight and compact construction, gyroplanes are classified as Ultralight Aircraft, which leads to considerable cost advantages of flight operations and also with obtaining a pilot license.

Unique in its Concept


An extremely sturdy and lightweight monocoque, manufactured entirely from carbon fiber, provides passengers with safety standards approaching that of a Formula One race car. The design provides exceptional stability in the air, and on the ground with widely spaced landing gear. This all makes the ROTORVOX to the safest gyroplane in its class.

Excellent Aerodynamics

By applying computational flow and finite element analyses within the development process, the ROTORVOX has excellent aerodynamics with an optimum approach flow to the propeller and perfect cooling.

Comfort & Spaciousness

ROTORVOX offers you highest comfort and convenience combined with generous interior space. This allows you ease of entry and easily accommodating two passengers seated next to each other.

All-round visibility

A 3,6 m2 window area (compares to more than four 55“ screens) and a freestanding cockpit design allow for an impressive panoramic view and tremendous all-round visibility. Ergonomic tests throughout the design process helped us accomplish maximum visibility.


Alongside the technical parameters, we always placed emphasis on the design aspects when developing the ROTORVOX. This allowed us to combine highly functional objectives with modern design and dynamic lines.


We put great emphasis on consistent and excellent workmanship. Haptics. Appearance. Comfort. ROTORVOX gyroplanes are highly sophisticated and manufactured in Germany. Nothing less than you expect from high-end luxury cars.


Combined with the aerodynamically optimized design of the ROTORVOX, the full carbon fiber monocoque features relatively low empty weight in relation to the generous interior space. A comparably high payload offers a unique range of operations (e.g. medical transport).


Well thought-out in its Technology

Extra wide Horizontal Stabilizer

The ROTORVOX has an extra wide horizontal stabilizer to increase stability during flight. This stabilizer is also easy to remove for transport by trailer.

Maintenance-free Pre-rotation

The ROTORVOX C2A utilized a powerful, surprisingly quiet and very smooth maintenance free hydraulic pre-rotation system.

Parking and Brake System

The ROTORVOX has numerous technical refinements for your comfort as standard. These include an electric parking brake, a hydraulic rotor brake as well as a rotor head with adjustable parking position.


Customize your gyroplane to your liking. With our options you have the choice between an engine for relaxed flying or one for maximum performance with up to 155 hp – ideally suited for dynamic and sporty flying.

Lightweight Carbon Fiber Design

Carbon fiber combines the advantages of great strength with low weight and is the main material used for the ROTORVOX. The monocoque, landing gear, tail unit, mast mounting and most structural parts are made of carbon fiber.


The clear cockpit in the ROTORVOX is basically equipped with stylish analog avionic systems. Optionally, we provide you with impressive digital dual displays. Whatever you choose – everything is in view with comfortable operation.

Rugged Trailing Link Main Gear with Elastomer Damper

The main landing gear of the ROTORVOX is a rugged trailing-link design with elastomer damper – a special feature among gyroplanes. It resists side loads and further improves the excellent roll over protection, during take-off and landing.



The Rotorvox C2A is designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards. It is available as a ready to fly factory built model and as an Experimental Amateur Built kit for the US market. You can personalize your Rotorvox gyroplane with options for interior styling, avionics and additional equipment.

We would be pleased to advise you.

Download Price List

ROTORVOX C2A Series 560kg Class Model Year 2019

  • Engine Rotax 914 UL Turbo Carburated 115 hp
  • Color: white
  • Rotor System GGC-Averso 8,6m
  • Helix Fixed Pitch Propeller
  • Radio Set F.U.N.K.E ATR 833 with Radio Antenna
  • Control Stick in Carbon Fiber
  • Large Instrument Panel in Carbon Fiber with various analog engine instruments & Rotor RPM
  • Electrical Biaxial Trimsystem with analog Trim Indicator
  • Doormats
  • Carbon Seats V2 with High-quality fabric Cover
  • High-quality fabric-cover Map Pockets
  • ROTORVOX Logo & Font Design
  • Cabin Ventilation and Heater
  • Airspeed Indicator (Knots, km/h)
  • Compass
  • Altimeter


  • Engine Edge Performance EP 912STi (up to 155 hp)
  • Neuform 3-blade Variable Pitch Propeller with Constant Speed Control
  • Dual Dynon SkyView HDX Displays (10“ & 7“)

Technical specifications


Maximum Speed  (Vne)87 kts (162 km/h)
Cruise Speed (Vc)70 its (130 km/h)
Rotor Diameter28‘ 3“ (8,60 m)
Fuel Capacity23.7 usg (90 L)
23.0 usg (87 L) usable
Range≈ 270 nm (≈ 500 km)*
MTOW1234 lbs (560 kg)
Payload> 485 lbs (> 220 kg)
EngineRotax 914 (115 hp)

Take-off and landing distances

The following data applies to maximum take-off weight of 1234 lbs at an airstrip with short grass, no wind, and pre-rotation to 200 rpm. Take-off and landing distances refer to clearing a 49‘3“ obstacle.
Take-off Ground Roll < 262 ft – 394 ft* < 80 – 120 m*
Take-off Distance < 984 ft* < 80 – 120 m*
Landing Ground Roll < 98 ft* < 80 – 120 m*
Landing Distance < 492 ft* < 80 – 120 m*

You can find more details at the Deutscher Ultraleichtflugverband e.V.

* These values may vary depending on weather conditions and payload.